Organic & Natural Hair color cream

Organic & Natural Hair color cream

Organic & Natural Hair color cream Made in Korea


To the nature BIPA hair color cream, Dark Brown, 120ml (Hair dye and oxidant packed separately) Eco-friendly Loquat leaf extract/ containing healing Argan oil. Remove 8 harmful elements causing irritation~ Add organic ingredients.PPD-free, PG-free, Paraben-free, Ammonia-free, Animal ingredient-free, Mineral oil-free, Benzophenone-free, Synthetic preservatives-free, Eco-friendly Loquat leaf extract accounting for 40% of it. Minimize the use of ingredients harmful to hair and scalp and contain organic & natural ingredients as much as possible to protect hair and scalp. Containing organic ingredients (Olive oil, Rosemary extract, Mulberry root extract, Mulberry extract, Jeju camellia oil, Eco-friendly iris extract, Loquat leaf extract). Containing organic healing Argan oil, Minimization of hair damage and skin irritation, Minimize harmful ingredients, Safe and free from 8 harmful elements, Organic ingredients from the nature, 40% of eco-friendly Loquat leaf extract. Organic healing Argan oil to improve hair damage“To the nature” organic healing Argan oil improves hair damaged by repeated hair dyeing and enhances hair elasticity by supplying rich nutrients deep into the hair.Benefits of organic Argan oil Improves damaged hairs and enhances hair elasticity Inhibits moisture loss in the hair and moistens hair Protect hair from ultraviolet rays and chemical heat With rich antioxidant components excellent in various moisturizing effect, it helps keep hair damaged by hair dyeing moist and healthy by providing moisturizing and conditioning effects deep into the hair.It provides delicate scent obtained from the nature instead of irritating odor.With no unpleasant odor as ammonia is not used in the hair dyes, the delicate scent obtained from the nature is added to minimize the irritation to eyes and scalp, which enables you to dye hair indoors pleasantly.  

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