Tachometer Made in Korea


Descriptions Size(mm) 72(W) x 36(H) x 105(D) Function - Auto Zero time setting function- Time unit selection function- Parameter lock function - Power failure compensation function - Remote/local conversion function- Comparative output function - 4 steps bank setting function- Current output range selection function - Max, Min, Peak value 10 steps memory display function - Starting compensation timer function- D isplay cycle setting function Power Supply 110 - 240 V a.c(50 - 60 Hz) Power consumption Below 12 VA(240 V a.c) Below 5 W (24 V d.c) Voltage outputfor Sensor 12 V d.c ±10% 120 mA(voltage fluctuation rate ±10%) Measuring Accuracy FS ±0.01% rdg ±1dig Measurement Range 0.0005 Hz ~ 10 K Hz, 0.001 s ~ 3.200 s, 0 ~ 4 x 109 Count Max. DiplayableDigits 5 Digits(0 ~ 99999) Display Method 7 Segment Input Signal Non-Contact Input : Max. 10 kHz(ON/OFF width for each above 50 µs) (ON voltage : 4.5 V ~ 24 V, OFF voltage : 0 ~ 1.0 V) Contact Input : Max. 30 Hz(ON/OFF width for each above 33 ms) (12 V d.c, able to switch the current of 2 mA sufficiently) Output type Relay Output(H, GO, L) Operation Mode - F1: revolution/frequency/speed- F2: moving speed- F3: cycle- F4: passing time - F5: time difference- F6: time width- F7: pulse width - F8: pulse interval Noise Immunity By noise simulator, square-shaped wave noise(pulse width 1 µs) ±2000 V Vibration Resistance Durability :10~55Hz double amplitude width 0.75mm in each X.Y.Z direction for 2 hours Malfunction :10~55Hz double amplitude width 0.5mm in each X.Y.Z direction for 10 minutes Shock Resistance Durability :300 m/s2 (approx. 30G) in each X.Y.Z direction for 3 times Malfunction :300 m/s2 (approx. 30G) in each X.Y.Z direction for 3 times Operating AmbientEnvironment Temperature: -10 ~ 50 °C(without condensation), Humidity: 35 ~ 85 % RH

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