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Korean Company Reports's reporting service is the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence about the companies, products & their services. We offer Credit reporting services in english based on the investigation of Korean companies through our team and partners in Korea to foreign clients. And the same time we work with global partners to provide the reporting services to Korean companies.

Foreign Clients Need Korean Companie's Reports database consists of data on more than 1,000,000 companies from KODIT, KIBO, SBC, etc. We work with supporting finalncial and merket research institutions globally to service our customer with effective global business reports. And further we can also help the clients to develop their business globally through partners, jointventure, merge and acquisition ..etc.

Offering Contents

  • Business Profile
  • Statutory Information
  • Corporate Credit Rating
  • Historical Corporate Credit Rating
  • Offices & Factories
  • History
  • Affiliated Companies
  • Management Shareholders
  • Business Item, Production Method, Terms of Payment
  • Major Suppliers & Customers
  • Banking Relations
  • Credit Checks
  • Summary
  • Financial Statements
  • Key Financial Ratios Analysis

Credit File Investigation Request Form

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