EGF Repair Ampoule/E.G.F Face Ampoule/Beau...

EGF Repair Ampoule/E.G.F Face Ampoule/Beau...

EGF Repair Ampoule/E.G.F Face Ampoule/Beau... Made in Korea


  If you want to know about this product, please click this address!It is connected to YOUTUBE!   BEFORE READING.. You can change the packaging, container and ingredients to adjust your budget. We produce our products as OBM. But if you want to make the products as OEM or ODM, we can support. Please contact us by telephone, inquiry or personal e-mail address on the site. Thanks!     ? Packaging & Container We sell the item in the best cases and container. The packaging of new products are homogenized as black concept. It makes the products more luxurious and neater. And we usually use double container to keep the products safely. Its principles is in a vacuum air which pushes the product out the way. So customers can be used until the last contents cleanly.   ? Characteristic We rarely don't use any chemical ingredients to make cosmetics. The case of we use chemical ingredients is to compose the products inevitable chemical ingredients. There are existing the chemical ingredients can not change as natural ingredients. We use natural preservatives, oils, flavorings and even fermented liquid instead of water.   ? Main Ingredients Our main ingredients are Ingredients   Functions   EGF   Anti-aging / Anti-wrinkle / Wound Healing / Improve skin tone / Make new skin cells   Ginseng Stem Cell culture   Cell viability / reinforce skin elasticity / Increase collagen / Decrease MMPs / Increase Anti-oxidant enzyme / Control wrinkle and tyrosinase / Whitening   Natural HG   Reduce toxic things / Moisturizing / Anti-allergy / Anti-aging / Anti-wrinkle / Anti-oxidant   Neuropepride   Increase production of collagen / Repair scars and wrinkles / Increase circulation / Resulting in breathtaking radiance and glow / Rapid wound repair / Develop supple appearance   Acety-Hexa peptide   Same effect botox / Control catecholamines secretion for anti-wrinkle / Nontoxic   Vitamin peptide   Improve blood circulation / Promote hair metabolism and scalp cell proliferation / Prevent dermatitis / Activate skin cells     Certifications We have a lot of Certifications. To be representative of are :   CERTIFICATE OF TRADE / SERVICE MARK REGISTRATION from COMMSSIONER, THE KOREAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE     ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 from QA INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION LTD.,     CGMP(Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) from KOREA COSMETIC ASSOCIATION     Medical Equipment Sale Declarations from KFDA     SWANICOCO EGF Repair AmpouleContains 99% EGF(Epidermal growth factor), which helps to improve skinApply the undiluted solution for best resultsContains 99% 1ppm of raw ingredients; the highest density of any EGF product  

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