Toothbrush Sterilizer BS-8000

Toothbrush Sterilizer BS-8000

Toothbrush Sterilizer BS-8000 Made in Korea


With the toothbrush sterilization which is capable to achieve bacteria killing up to 99%, drying and disinfection, live your daily life cheerfully! Completely destroying the bacteria those breeding on your toothbrush!!! There are some 60 different kinds of bacteria besides those giving damage directly to us such as causing for various gum diseases, decayed tooth and bad smell from mouth. These bacteria and germs, spreading through our toothbrushes, include colon bacillus, staphylococci, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella and tooth decay bacteria (Streptococcus mutnas), etc. In case you leave your toothbrush behind for about five minutes after using it, bacteria start breeding themselves on it. Due to the water still left on it and with the moisture in the bathroom, more germs and pathogenic bacteria begin to actively propagate. As it has been revealed through the result of a scientific test, the bacteria left on a toothbrush before they have been sterilized remain much more than those existing in the toilet water in number. Various symptoms occurring caused by using an unsterile toothbrush -Do not leave it behind but sterilize bacteria on it, dry and disinfect it right away soon after using it! In case of the O2 Toothbrush Sterilizer, if you put your used toothbrush into it, it sterilizes bacteria and germs 100%, dry and disinfect completely the toothbrush through the far-infrared radiation heating method with radiating the high temperature of 85°C, and the state of sterilization, dryness and disinfection last for 24 hours. Using the toothbrush for 24 hours with the power consumption at 5.4W (continuous sterilization, dryness and disinfection), the electricity charge is approx. 680Won. Toothbrush that sterilizes and intercepts germs and bacteria from your mouth in advance! Features Sterilization, disinfection of bacteria with the toothbrush and up to drying it too. Destroying colon bacillus, staphylococci, pseudomonas aeruginosa and salmonella up to 99.9%. Sterilizing tooth decay bacteria (Streptococcus mutnas) up to 99.9%. In the 2in1 method for the stand and wall hanger. In a design presenting complete interior effects. Perfect prevention of bacteria rebreeding by complete drying of the wet toothbrush. No additional cost incurs at all after once purchasing it. Exposing no magnet exterior due to its 1-inegrated molding system. No color deterioration occurs on the body even by high temperature. Facilitating easy cleaning for the interior body being built in a round shape. Being the toothbrush hanger separable, it facilitates easy replacement and cleaning. Enabling sterilization, disinfection and drying the whole toothbrush such as its main body, head and its handle all together at once. Technical Spec. Rated Voltage AC200V/60Hz Method of Sterilization High temperature Sterilization(Kill of the bacteria using infrared rays) Weight - Size 26 x 28 x 6(cm) Power Consumption 5.3W Power Code Length   Country of Origin The Republic of Korea As the potential marketing areas for this Product, It can be used as a gift item, or the products can be put up for sale through various channels such as for special sale to firms, online, etc.For many consumers such as families who have children and are concerned for their tooth health. Up to the present, the toothbrushes having their white bodies and blue lids have been main items of the kinds, but now is the time for a modern design. The epoch-making design of our product goes well not only with your bathroom but also with your living room and anywhere else. With the design that satisfies the purchasing desires of customers, please try to market with this product. With the other existing product which mainly using an UV Sterilization Method, you have to replace the UV Lamp after using it for 6 ~ 9month, which therefore incurs an additional expense for you. In addition, as the sterilization is done under the wet condition, the bacteria are propagated again 100%, thus no complete sterilization can be made. The sterilization, dryness and disinfection performed by the O2 Toothbrush Sterilization is based on a 100% complete heating method, therefore, creates no additional cost or burden while it sterilizes bacteria and germs without any suspicion on its performance.

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